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Our Houston "Snow" Day

It can get a little cold here in Houston at times and by cold I mean 20's to 30's, trust me this is cold when you get 100 degree summers. Twice in the span of a week Houston has shut down at the threat of winter weather that some of you up north would laugh at. But I have to get one thing straight, we are not used to this kind of weather especially not ice. Last Friday all we got was ice on some of the bridges, but schools still closed down. Hey I didn't mind having a PJ day with the kids. Then again yesterday, we had the "threat" of more severe weather with ice and possibly snow.

Funny thing is by the morning when everything was supposed to start, the weather channels were then changing their tune. It would still be sleeting in some of the northern areas like where we live, but most of Houston didn't get much. With what little we got the kids still had fun and our backyard table and chairs still have some ice for now, but it was so cute to see them get all excited about the sleet. They got all "suited" up and played out in the sleet, then they also starting eating some of it. That part made me sick, but I wanted them to just have fun and experience their first "snow" day.

Now they are back at school and though their noise and whining drives me up the wall, I do love them and am so happy that I can share days like yesterday with them by making memories and just letting them be kids  :)


Momma At Home said...

I loved the snow day we had in Houston. It is fun watching my children's smiles.

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