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Melt Organic Spread Giveaway

There are many steps that you can take to make sure your family is eating healthier and better. One of those ways can be with your butter spread that I am sure you use on an almost daily basis.

Here is my review of the Melt Organic Butter Spread and I can honestly say we are still using it today. I love the light taste and the super healthy benefits that it gives my family. I am here to tell you that they have a giveaway contest running right now that you can all enter.

The form to enter is here. All you have to do is enter my blog name of Insights by April and on February 28th, one of the entries from my list of followers will win. I can't wait to see which of my readers will win :)

Good Luck and Happy Entering  :)


Jackie said...

Hi April....It's a drop down menu on the entry form, and I don't see Insights by April on the list.

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