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Day in the Life- February 14, 2012 Simple but Sweet Valentine's

I told the hubs not to get gifts for Valentine's Day this year. It isn't like we really need to spend the money and sometimes I really can't stand the hype behind it. It is a nice reminder that we should love each other and show our love, but it has definitely become over commercialized. One reason why I also "made" Valentine's this year. I even made Little Man's Valentines to pass out to his class. One of my blogging friends Clumsy Crafter showed me a post from another blogger that was offering free printables Dandee Designs. I added little plastic butterflies because I wasn't very happy with the bug selection at Party City :)
Anyways, I had some fridge pie dough that I needed to use up. I got a heart shaped cutter and cut two different sizes, then placed them on the back of the heart shaped pan and baked them. I wish I had made homemade pudding, but didn't want to stand over the stove(yes I know, I was being lazy!!) and used instant pudding. I then layered the pie dough with the pudding and drizzled with chocolate. If it had been real pudding and some dark chocolate, it would have been divine, but overall it wasn't completely horrible.

How was your Valentine's Day? Did you do or make anything special? Please share! I am always needing more inspiration :)


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